Treating Chronic Pain: 7 Non-Invasive Remedies

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We all understand the unpleasant nature of pain. Even temporary pain can have a significant effect on your life, but for people dealing with chronic pain, the effects are long-lasting and much more severe. With chronic pain having an impact on the lives of approximately 100 million Americans, it is a serious public health issue.

Chronic pain can be associated with a number of different health conditions and injuries. While there are medicines and treatments that can help to provide relief, for many chronic pain sufferers, pain management is going to require a broader approach. Whether that means gathering information about physical therapy or changing your lifestyle, the following are a few tips to help people who are living with chronic pain.

Make Better Food Choices
Your diet is important for your health in a number of different ways. What many people do not realize is that your food choices can have an impact on your body’s ability to deal with pain.

To maintain a healthy immune system and reduce your pain, you want to eat foods like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat dairy. You should also try to avoid things like sugary soft drinks, processed meats, and refined carbohydrates.

Find Ways to Reduce Stress
A life full of stress is going to have a negative effect on your mental health. Along with that, it can also make it harder for you to deal with pain.

By learning some simple stress management techniques, you can relieve many of the symptoms associated with your chronic pain. Something as simple as listening to music you enjoy can help. However, stress comes in many forms and from many different situations, so you should look for stress management tactics that can help you with the various forms of stress you encounter regularly.

Get a Massage
Therapeutic massage can be beneficial for people living with chronic pain. Massage therapy can be good treating joint pain and it can also be great for relieving tension from sore muscles. Additionally, the occasional massage can also be an effective way to relieve stress.

Get More Exercise
Exercise is good for your overall health, and it can be one of the keys to helping you manage your chronic pain. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals that not only help your body deal with pain, but which can also improve your mood. Furthermore, exercise is good for pain management because strengthening the body helps to reduce the risk of injury.

Try Meditation
Meditation is a practice that is specifically geared toward helping your mind and body relax. Learning to meditate is something that is simple enough to do on your own, but there are some benefits to taking a course on meditation. If you don’t have time for classes, you could consider using one of the many meditation apps you can download to your phone.

Find a Distraction

Chronic pain can take over your life, and it can often seem impossible to think about anything else. While it can be difficult to put your mind on other topics or activities, focusing on the pain is only going to make it seem worse. If you want to gain some level of control over the situation and relieve the pain, try to find activities that will keep your mind busy.

Join a Support Group
There is something to be said for having a community of people who understand what you are going through. In pain management support groups, you will find people who are going through a similar experience to your own. Having that support can go a long way toward making you feel better about your situation. You’re also likely to benefit from the stories of other people in the group.

Everyone experiences chronic pain in a different way. That often means that some pain management techniques might work for some people, but they may not work for others. The important thing is to find a safe and effective approach to pain management that works for you.

Don't Let Back Pain Ruin Your Relationship!

Back pain {especially the waist} can restrict your activity, reduce your work capacity and even interfere with effective performance of your sexual functioning. Back pain,you know can disrupt your sexual relationship. Sex is an essential part of the intimacy between couples and attitudes about sex,rejection and our self-image when one just don’t feel up to a sexual encounter can haunt us for a long time.

Sex is supposed to be enjoyed for both couples and the fear of hurting yourself or your partner inhibits the spontaneous joy that you probably felt before your back pain developed. To over simplify the problem,there are basically two components of sexual functioning,all two must be in working order for things to function normally.

First and foremost are the emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality. If you are depressed, angry, frustrated, preoccupied or uninterested, you are unlikely to enjoy a sexual experience. This emotional or psychological also relates to how it feels to you and includes attitudes such as fear.

For example,the fear that the pain will worsen or last for ever,fear about what it means to be chronically disabled and fear about what you believe your partner thinks about your pain and how you are coping with your condition.

As couples,it is needful to discuss frankly about your pain limit and sexual expectations. It is a mistake to believe your partner understands what you feel,it is your responsibility to communicate those limits as clearly as possible;it is your partner’s responsibility to listen and try to understand and probably proffer suggestions that may help to mitigate the challenge.

Pain is invisible and subjective,this means your pain is unique to you. People have described their pain as chronic sensations located in the waist and later traveling down the legs via the buttocks,some have described their pain as a dull annoying ache,located in the neck, spreading to the shoulders and hands with tingling sensations and numbness.

A good number of people have described their back pain as continuous pain{that means the pain is always there} whether you are eating,driving,walking,lying down on the bed and so on,others describe theirs as a sharp or stabbing pain as if a needle or very sharp object is driven into their back.

Appreciable percentage of sufferers describes their pain as referred pain. That is the pain is located some where in the back and its effect are felt in another part of the body or organ.

Take,for instance,a located pain in the neck spreading to the shoulders and the hands or from the mid-back it spreads to the ribs and underneath the breasts, or a located pain in the waist spreading to the buttocks,thigh and probably the leg with abnormal sensation.

This article is not meant to be an in-depth examination of the psychological aspects of sexuality. If you are experiencing any of the above and are not able to resolve them with your partner,discuss it with your physician or seek help from a psychiatrist or psychologist. Most problems are successfully and rapidly resolved.

The second key components of sexuality are physiological and anatomical ones. These refer to your muscular-skeletal structures,if they are not working properly you will not be able to function normally.

This is not to say that you will not be able to enjoy sex but that it will be different. For example,men with spinal cord injuries are not able to obtain and maintain erections

without assistance,yet they are able to have intercourse and achieve orgasm. The nerve connections or wiring must be intact from the brain to the sexual organs and they must get an adequate blood supply in order for things to proceed “normally”.

This physical aspect is the actual stimulation of the nerve,similar to toothache or a slipped disc pressing on a nerve root and often times with corresponding weakness or paralysis of an organ,that the nerve root innervates,it could be the nerve root to your sex organ and with the pressure on the nerve root,there could possibly be disruption of impulses to the erectile organ,rendering it weak or flaccid during sexual encounter.

You see,you can have a good desire for sex but your organ doesn’t get erection. If your penis as a man does not become erect for you to have normal sex,it means the individual is impotent or suffering from erectile dysfunction.

This similar condition can also happen to the erectile organ of the female victim who has disabling waist pain too, invariably affecting her sexuality. Without the nerves you cannot have erection.

You have to be stimulated for you to have erection,it could also affect blood vessels and if it does,that can lead to impotence. Impotence is a vascular phenomenon assisted by the nervous system. There are very large number of medical conditions that can affect sexuality, these include; diabetes, heart disease, prostrates, vascular disease and the pain from compression of a nerve in the back.

If you have the desire and are free of pain,yet are not able to function then you should be thoroughly examined by a physician to look for a medical source.

Marathon Sex Can Ruin Your Back. Beware!

A well known cause of pain in the case of common back pain{especially waist pain and neck pain} resulting from physical exhaustion,is marathon sex which involves excessive spine movement.

For those not used to a ride on such a trip could as well lead to pain after the wearing out of the euphoric pleasure of the encounter. Sex is like any other physical exercise,a wrong  approach to it lead to agonizing pain in the back{especially the waist} and it is believed to be one of the major causes of contracting waist pain. On the other hand,if you have existing pain in the back,it will surely impact on your relationship.

This is a problem people don’t really discuss. The reason for this attitude is multiple,people who are suffering it feel that they may be the only ones having this problem and therefore are embarrassed to talk about it,even with the physician or therapist. Some doctors don’t feel comfortable with the subject or may not even recognize it as a problem,yet the victims of such defect are going through emotional and most importantly the physical trauma.

A patient’s lack of knowledge about his illness leads to doubts about himself,his strength and destroys his trust in the functional ability of his own organism. This might impede co-operation between the physician or physiotherapist. Be careful how you use your back during sexual encounter,the back is a big and compact organ having nerves,blood-vessels,ligaments,muscles protecting the delicate spinal column that houses the spinal cord.

Any serious injury to the back structures can cause unimaginable consequences,not only to the immediate structures of the back but also to other vital organs such as the erectile structures in the private part can be rendered terribly ineffective and will be in dare state of inactivity because of disabling back pain.

Back Pain is a Serious and Big Business

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Back pain is a serious business because it is vexing. Many back sufferers really are suffering a great deal. Their pain is severe, sometimes distracting and often disabling. The pain shoots down their legs from the low back via the buttocks or from the neck down the arms. The neck pain can in at least one sense be even worse than the mid back or low back pain being so close to the head, makes it a very personal pain. Like headache, it is hard if not impossible to ignore and too can be disabling.

If you have back pain, you may have had to stop playing your favorite sport. If your back pain is bad enough you may not be able to walk. Either neck pain, mid back pain or low back pain can keep you from work.

Back pain is a serious business. About 80 percent of the adult population will suffer from back pain their life time and almost 50 percent of all people will abandon active work due to excruciating pain in the low back, neck or mid back. They must live with occasional or constant pain resulting from their disabled back.

Agonizing back pain has affected the social and even sexual life of some people. Excruciating back pain has rendered many people bedridden. Disabling back pain has restricted a lot of people’s activities, reduce their work capacity and diminish the quality of enjoyment of everyday living.

Do you know that devastating back pain has made some people to think of suicide just to escape the agonizing pain on their back and probably the neck too?

Despite the magnitude of the problem, most victims do not get adequate and cost effective treatment for their back pain. They continue to suffer month after month, year after year because they have been irrational in the choice of health facility where they can go and get effective and dramatic relief of their disturbing back pain and its symptoms.

They have paid the price of their negligence and ignorance in years of pain and uncountable number of medical appointments at some health establishment; 95 percent of which were unnecessary and therefore a waste of valuable time.

The effects of pills on back pain whether neck pain, low back pain or mid back pain has either remained transient or none at all. In my observation, common back pain appears to be a great challenge to medical science and for centuries as it has remained elusive.

In 400 B.C, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine strung up a patient with ropes and pulleys to treat his back pain when all medical approaches failed. Nowadays, resort to surgery is increasingly becoming the current approach by the medical community. Though aware of the fact that back pain is of a physical component and, therefore, physical approach like physiotherapy, skillfully performed is a preferred panacea.

A therapist equipped with sublime knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics of the human back, coupled with appropriate physiotherapy modalities and adjuncts, would abolish pain or dramatically reduce the pain within minutes.

A chronic back pain be it low back pain, mid back pain or neck pain will not likely respond well to anyhow physiotherapy. You may have had surgery for your back. Even though you went to a qualified surgeon, the surgery may well have failed to correct your problem. At certain time you may have been told that you have arthritis in the back and will just have to live with it.

That is to say, your pain is incurable. Fortunately, this is scarcely true. Others are advised to treat themselves as semi-invalids. While it may be true that your back has worn somewhat with ageing or as a result of an event, it certainly is not true that you will just have to live with it.
It has been found that many people who have spinal joints that are worn with age have never had back pain and we now know that the wear is not, by itself, a cause of pain. Back pain has cost many individuals and companies thousands of dollars i.e yearly in everything from medical expense to days of absence from work.

Some victims visit orthopedic surgeons for appointments where the chief beneficiary is the doctor who may bill outrageous amount. In return, drugs are prescribed which in some cases gives transient relief or none at all. An apology!
Sometime, surgery is successful, sometime it is not! Surgery of the back (Neck, mid back and Low back) is costly and requires recovery period of several months during which time most patients can not go to work. Most surgery helps more than it hurts but some surgeries reduce only some of the patient’s pain, and other surgeries are completely unsuccessful. Range of motion is reduced and pain is not.

16 Best-Selling Back Pain Relief Products on Amazon

This is an update to my earlier post titled “15 Bestselling Lower Back Pain Products on Amazon”. I have discovered more new lower back pain and back pain relief products that are currently selling fast and gathering loads of positive reviews on Amazon and don’t want you to be left behind.

For the reason, I have written 16 Best-Selling Back Pain Relief Products on Amazon right now. I have written this list in no particular order based on their best-sellers rank, positive reviews, likes and of-course availability (in stock).

Here are the lists below;

1. Penetrex; This is an highly effective back pain relief product by Penetrex for sufferers of Tennis elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Arthritis and is currently the number 1 bestseller in Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Rubs.

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2. Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back Stretcher; This is also an highly effective and recommended back pain relief product by Body Back Company.

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3. Body Back Buddy; An highly recommended neck pain and back pain product by Body Back Company.

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4. Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030; Omron electrotherapy is an highly recommended lower back pain relief product and is currently gaining lots of patronage as it is currently the number 1 bestseller in Magnetic Therapy Products.

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5. ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip Heat Wraps; An highly recommended lower back pain product selling fast on Amazon with lots of reviews.

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6. Zensufu Complete Acupressure Mat and Pillow; This is an highly recommended product for neck pain and back pain patient. It is currently the number 1 Bestseller in Acupuncture Products.

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7. Acupressure Mat (Spike Body Mat); Spike body mat by Acupressure Fitness is a highly recommended product for stress, neck pain, back pain and foot pain relief.

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8. Spine-Worx Back Realignment Device; This is also an highly recommended lower back pain relief product with lots of positive reviews.

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9. Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table; This is an highly recommended back pain relief product by IronMan even though a bit pricey but am sure it’s worth the amount, judging from loads of positive reviews it has received.

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10. Ironman Inversion Table Heat Therapy Cushion; This is another highly recommended lower back pain relief product by IronMan.

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11. Osteoarthritis Night Knee Pad/Side Sleeper; This is also an highly recommended back pain relief product for sufferers of Osteoporosis and Arthritis by

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12. North American Healthcare Foot Rocker; This is an highly recommended back pain product by North American Healthcare for victims of foot pain like athletes, footballers, rugby players, etc….

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13. Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac with Insert and Strap; An highly recommended lower back pain product by Duro-Med.

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14. Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Pain Relief Device; An highly effective and recommended lower back pain relief product by Back Bubble.

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15. Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager; An highly effective and recommended lower back pain relief product by BACK IN FIVE, LLC.

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16. BIOFREEZE Gel, 32-Ounce Bottle / Pump; This is a natural menthol gel with an effective fast-acting, deep penetrating, long lasting pain relieve. It can effectively help relieve pain from sore muscles, muscle sprains and strains, low back, shoulder, neck pain, arthritis, painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints.

Biofreeze is also currently the number 1 Best-Seller in Joint & Muscle Pain Hot & Cold Therapies. This is an highly recommended product for low back pain sufferers.

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That’s about it for now! This list of 16 back pain relief products have been carefully selected from a customer’s point of view to help you with your buying decision while at Amazon.

If you have purchased any of these products before or you have just purchased one. Great! Leave comment and share as this might help other prospective buyers. Thanks!